The Ravoux Inn is situated in the heart of Auvers-sur-Oise, a village 30 kilometers to the north of Paris, and was the last home Vincent van Gogh. During the 37 years of his short life van Gogh had no fewer than 37 other abodes in the Netherlands, Belgium, England and France.

The site is a listed French historic monuments and the only place lived in by Van Gogh still surviving in its original state. The attic rooms of Ravoux Inn are still redolent of the spirit of the painter. Room 5 was his; it is where suddenly we are aware that Van Gogh's illustrious destiny is tempered by intimacy and humility.

The House of Van Gogh is what is known in French as a lieu de mémoire, a place of historic association, yet it is still a living place. Just as much as in 1890, the restaurant welcomes guests from all over the world, recreating the convivial ambience of artists' cafés of bygone days.

Vincent van Gogh spent a mere seventy days in Auvers-sur-Oise. Yet he was astonishingly prolific in this short time: the picturesque location and its inhabitants and surrounding countryside inspired him to paint more than seventy pictures. The modern visitor exploring the lanes of Auvers is reminded of them at every turn.


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