Online shop of “The House of Van Gogh"

High quality printing of Van Gogh’s paintings

The online shop of the "House of Van Gogh"

The House of Van Gogh and the family-owned company Artimedes collaborate in order to offer you a collection of sustainable 12-color giclée art reproductions approaching very closely the originals Van Gogh’s paintings.

The giclées do not discolour or fade because we use pigment inks. Giclée reproductions on canvas are manually varnished twice before being secured on stretcher bars and then framed. The varnish brings out the colours and protects against dirt and scratches.

With the included Certificate of Authenticity, 100 years of colour authenticity are guaranteed.

The wood we use for the frames and the stretcher bars is harvested with respect for the local population and forest workers. The biodiversity in the forest is affected as little as possible.

Do not hesitate any longer and treat yourself to a magnificent work by Van Gogh for your living room !

High quality printing

Giclée Print on Canvas

Maison de Van Gogh, eSHOP sur Toile A 12-colour giclée print on canvas. Giclées are reproductions in the highest achievable quality.

Custom made and varnished several times by hand so that the pigment inks are protected against UV light.

Due to the protective transparent matt varnish layer, the top layer can be removed with a damp cloth.

Giclée print on FineArt Watercolor paper

Maison de Van Gogh, eSHOP Fineart
A 12-colour giclée print on thick Fine Art Watercolor paper.

The pressed watercolor paper features a clearly textured surface.

Gicléeprint on FineArt Paper glued on Dibond

Maison de Van Gogh, eSHOP Dibond This work is reproduced as a Giclée with an advanced 12-colour printer that sprays the pigment inks layer by layer onto the acid-free paper.
A thin matte transparent foil layer is applied to the giclée print for extra protection against UV light, splashes and dirt.
The giclée print is then glued onto dibond. Dibond is a sandwich plate based on two layers of aluminum and a core of black polyethylene. So no bending or material deformation, but durability.