Since 1987 Dominique-Charles Janssens, President of the Institut Van Gogh, has dedicated himself to preserving the memory of Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise. The Institut Van Gogh is responsible for cultural activities in the last dwelling place of the artist, the Ravoux Inn, known as the ‘House of Van Gogh’. Today the main objective of the Institut is to achieve the last wish of the painter, who wrote in a letter of 10 June 1890 to his brother Theo:
“Someday or other, I believe I will find a way to have my own exhibition in a café.”
This is the mission of the Institut Van Gogh: ‘someday or other’ one of the canvases painted by Vincent in Auvers will at last return to the very room where it was stored to dry. With its 7 square meters (70 square feet) of exhibition space, the House of Van Gogh will then be the smallest museum in the world, and the attic room will be a ‘room with a view’.

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